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The Landscape of History and the Power of Words: A Review of Ida (2013)

"The disparities between Ida and Wanda are highly stylized in their clothing and language, in their habits of action, mannerisms, and attentiveness to momentary existence. The interplay between form and content make this movie memorable on a level deeper than mere descriptions can do. Watching Ida, with its understated musical score, sparse dialogue, quiet backgrounds, and suggestive imagery is an experience of deep and forceful subjectivity and awe, an experience not easily forgotten as the people on the screen disappear."

By |November 1st, 2018|Film Review, Review|
  • Why Tell the Truth: On the Curious Notions of Jordan B. Peterson

Why Tell the Truth: On the Curious Notions of Jordan B. Peterson

By |March 25th, 2018|Philosophy|

"As a thinker, he sits firmly within the philosophical traditions spurred by Nietzsche, William James, and Jung. And as an influence, he’s a cultural force that we will not soon forget. Why tell the truth in our age of group-think and Twitter epigrams? Well, it’s our only hope for survival, and the only way for the hero, who speaks a freeing word that organizes chaos into novel order, to emerge."

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