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In “#018: Unpacking Jordan Peterson (feat. Tylor Lovins) | A Leap of Doubt” I discuss the work of Jordan B. Peterson with Nathan Dickey, host of A Leap of Doubt. We get into Peterson’s ideas about myth, the relationship of Darwinism and truth, and how his politics is informed by his basic ideas.

In “Episode 9 | The Future of Faith: A Conversation with Tylor Lovins” I get into my background, philosophical influences, the question of whether there is (or needs to be) a functional equivalent concept to the concept of God in secular discourses, and what might replace religion, if indeed religion might be replaced, in the coming decades.

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#018: Unpacking Jordan Peterson (feat. Tylor Lovins) | A Leap of Doubt

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"On this episode, I am joined by Tylor Lovins to discuss the work of Jordan B. Peterson, the controversial clinical psychologist who has in the last two years become something of an academic rockstar. Our discussion mainly focuses on Peterson’s theological and philosophical claims as we try to unpack the complicated and often controversial ideas and concepts Peterson presents in his writings and online lectures and interviews. I have many criticisms of Peterson’s worldview in general, as well as many of his specific ideas and claims, but what I’m primarily interested in doing in this episode is trying to understand Peterson’s ideas and claims both on their own merits and in the context of Peterson’s wider thought so that those of us who are skeptical of his ideas can be in an informed position from which to critique his worldview without strawmanning or misrepresenting him."

Episode 9 | The Future of Faith: A Conversation with Tylor Lovins

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"This week, Justin sits down with friend and collaborator Tylor Lovins (@tylorlovins). They have recently begun a dialogue on religion and secularism for Christianity Now. In this conversation, Tylor shares with Justin his evolving sense of philosophy and theology, the impact that secularism has had on religion and politics, the problems associated with "identity politics," and the nature of beliefs in the modern world."