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Might We Silence the Word? On the Truth Conditions of Theological Statements

Compelled by the separation of Christian experiential knowledge and knowledge of the world, the Church appears to be moving in a direction where just or good relationships with others is what it means to love and know God, and to the extent that any theological claim becomes a barrier to loving thy neighbor, theology is seen as senseless. The question of the meaning of the concept of God has been tabled, as a result, and the conditions of theological truth are deferred to, and held hostage by, the drive to relate to others in a non-conflictual (vis-à-vis nonconceptual) way. What good is truth, after all, if by our pursuit or attainment of it the world should burn?

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My Disappointment with the Matt Dillahunty and Jordan Peterson Discussion

I recently listened to the Matt Dillahunty and Jordan Peterson’s Pangburn Philosophy sponsored discussion and was extremely disappointed by it. The discussion represented something that has become commonplace in the secular movement when prominent thinkers attempt to discuss religion: there is a full stop at the question of the existence of God. This is unbelievably stifling and, frankly, uninteresting for (at least a few) reasons I will outline below.

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Episode 9 | The Future of Faith: A Conversation with Tylor Lovins

"This week, Justin sits down with friend and collaborator Tylor Lovins (@tylorlovins). They have recently begun a dialogue on religion and secularism for Christianity Now. In this conversation, Tylor shares with Justin his evolving sense of philosophy and theology, the impact that secularism has had on religion and politics, the problems associated with "identity politics," and the nature of beliefs in the modern world."

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